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Scissor Lift InsuranceNo matter what industry you are working. Safety is always the primary concern, especially for those working in the construction sector or those who often work with heavy machines.

Operating a scissor lift is no exception. At first, you think it is fun and easy, but unexpected dangerous things can always happen. It can affect your health and even your life.

Covering yourself with appropriate scissor lift insurance is always the best choice. Let’s find out tips to stay safe when using scissor lifts at the workplace.

What is a Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is used for elevating workers who need to work at heights. They are just one of many types of secure work platforms that are used for a variety of purposes. Folding supports are positioned below the platform to elevate and lower the platform in a crisscrossing motion, hence the name scissor lift.

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Tips to keep you stay safe when using a scissor lift

  • Inspect before working. Make sure that all scissor lift components are in working order.
  • Do not use a scissor lift if you are not well-trained
  • If operating outside, never let a scissor lift work in harsh weather conditions
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Only load the platform within the weight limit. Overloading the lift can cause the machine to tip over.
  • The guardrails of scissor lifts do not support the weight. So you avoid leaning on it, or it can break and make you fall.
  • Avoid moving the scissor lift on an uneven surface. Lower the platform down to make sure it cannot tip over.
  • Be aware of electrical power sources around. Avoid working on an unstable, uneven surface when using the machine outdoors.
  • Always set the brakes before lifting to prevent the lift from suddenly moving.

Do you need scissor lift insurance?

Mobile elevating work platforms such as scissor lifts at the worksite present a significant risk.
Statistics show that fatalities and injuries have occurred despite having safe work standards in place.
Falls from heights and injuries from falling objects are just some of the accidents our clients have experienced in the past. 

Permits for use, safety inspections, job safety analysis, appropriate personnel training, and other measures are complied with to prevent accidents from happening. Aside from these measures, machinery operators are well advised to have adequate insurance cover to protect the business from serious financial setbacks due to these risks. Whether you hire out mobile machinery or operate them, you need a comprehensive equipment insurance policy in place because even the cost of repairing damaged machinery can be staggering.

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