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Cargo Liability Insurance 

Operating a business in the logistics industry exposes you to unique risks ‒ theft, weather hazards, human error and transportation issues to name a few. Liability claims can have a serious impact on your client relationships, reputation and bottom line. It’s important to take out reliable insurance to cover your business for any perils that occur.

What Is Cargo Liability Insurance?

Cargo Liability Insurance is designed for owner-operators that are involved in the transportation of goods via ship, truck or train. It can protect carriers against liability for loss or damage of customers’ goods that occur while in transit. If the goods you are transporting were damaged or lost due to an unforeseen accident or event (and is also within the terms of your insurance policy), the insurer may compensate the customer (or sender or the goods) up the amount specified in your policy.

Note: Marine Cargo and Cargo Liability Insurance do not typically cover any consequential loss that falls outside of your policy terms. You may also need to consider getting Consignment Note Documentation.

In order to determine the most suitable type and extent of coverage for your business, an insurer will consider factors including:

  • Type of cargo (e.g. dangerous goods, high-value goods, etc)
  • How the cargo is packaged/stored
  • The type of services your business provides (e.g. Do you provide transportation of goods only or do you also provide warehousing solutions?)
  • Whether you subcontract work out to other logistics companies
  • Your claims history
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