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Got Dry Hire Equipment that needs insurance?
No worries, Truck Insurance HQ has got you covered

When it comes to equipment insurance you want insurance and specialist you can trust.
Truck Insurance HQ has over a decade of multi-award-winning experience in the truck, transport and earthmoving equipment insurance sector.
We’ve covered every owner, contractor and tradie and handled every type of claims process you can think of.

If you want cover you can count on and competitive insurance at an affordable price, check us out!

Request your quote HERE or give one of our friendly team members a buzz on 1300 815 344, we’ll be more than happy to help you out however we can.

More about Dry Hire Insurance

As you already know, there a more than your usual set of business operations risks when it comes to the earthmoving industry and its equipment.
Dry Hire InsuranceThe insurance we offer you here at Truck Insurance HQ  protects you and all your plant & equipment from several risks like fire, theft & accidental damage.

Being an earthmoving operator, there can be many machinery vehicles which you use on a daily basis for work. These types of vehicles are subjected to the large public liability risks which can lead to huge potential losses if you’re not properly insured.

For saving your Dry Hire from hefty risks, you should buy a Dry Hire Insurance policy at an affordable price and with comprehensive coverage.
The elements you should look for before buying a Dry Hire Insurance policy for your business are as follows:
1. Comprehensive Cover: Comprehensive cover can protect your business from all the possible threats like theft, damage, etc.
2. Affordable: The insurance policies you pick for your business should be affordable in rates. Search for the insurance providers that suit your business needs at the lowest rates in the market.
3. Flexible Premium: It is important to check the intervals and flexibility of your premium while opting for an insurance policy that you can afford you optimum time to make payments.

There are numerous benefits of Dry Hire Insurance.
We cannot prevent risks or accidents from occuring but we can shield your business from the financial losses caused by these risks.
We can offer you Dry Hire Insurance tailored specifically to you and/or your business needs.
We can cover everything, from public liability, workers compensation, sickness & accident, to tools & equipment.

As industry specialist, we know how to track down your ideal cover at the most competitive price.
We have a team of award-winning experts who are always here to help you.
They possess deep knowledge about this insurance sector and have dealt with every claim type in this industry that you can think of.
Our team can help you if you have a poor claims history and can absolutely help you find the best price for your coverage needs – we do this every day!

We offer the most comprehensive cover designed specifically for the needs of you and your industry.
Experience the difference of a broker who knows what you need and takes the hassle out of the insurance & claims process.

Request a quote with us online today, or give us a call on 1300 815 344.
Let’s see how much we can save you!

Even if all you want is some advice, our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have 🙂


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