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Product Liability Insurance 

Truck_Insurance6The business of supplying and delivering goods can face risks that are beyond your control. Your business can be exposed to serious claims for damages or injury that could result in substantial financial losses.

 Australia’s Consumer Law states that consumers who suffer loss or injury due to safety defects in a manufacturer’s products supplied in commerce, may take the manufacturer to court for compensation for loss and damages. Loss and damage includes injuries to an individual or death and economic losses as a result of damage to land, building or fixture.

 Product liability insurance protects you against risks for damage or injury to another business or individual due to a failure of the product you manufacture or sell. This includes design and other manufacturing defects.

 You may think that your business has sufficient coverage for all public and product liability risks. It is important to understand the potential for personal injury or property damages from all areas of your operation and that could be difficult to do without a full evaluation of your serious risk exposures.

 We can provide you with products liability insurance tailored to your operations, turn-over, number of employees and business activities. In short, we cover you for your specific needs.

 To get the best product insurance quotes from the leading business insurance companies in Australia, Truck insurance are the team of brokers you want acting for you. Call us today on 1300 815 344 or go online to request a quote for all your insurance needs from an experienced team of insurance specialists.


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